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Our Mission:

How it works



Our patent-pending software analyzes individual location & vital signs in real-time directly from the world's best smartwatches.

Gain the benefits of connecting your team's health status as they go about their daily tasks, ensuring rapid response with real-time precision & clarity.



By combining both active & passive monitoring technologies, my-eforce automates the continuous connection & interpretation of mission-critical events.



As a USER-CENTRIC ecosystem, we have designed our system with privacy at its core.

Each user controls their own privacy settings, ensuring safety, security & trust are in place!

Meet the Founders

Brennan and Justin founded this company with one clear mission: to save one more life. This mission emerged after recognizing a significant gap in current safety technologies, noticing that while these systems were effective at knowing "WHERE" you are, they fall short in knowing "HOW" you are.

By partnering with the world’s leading smart watch manufacturers with a device-agnostic approach, my-eforce taps into essential data points to ensure that you are connected & protected at every moment – as we like to say, “my-eforce can tell your story when you can’t!

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How does my-eforce alert team leader's to life-critical events?

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Our state-of-the-art biometric alerting system, engineered in collaboration with a renowned cardiac specialist, tailors alerts to each individual's unique physiological profile.

This ensures that crucial alerts are automatically generated when vital signs deviate from their norm, providing a safety net for situations where individuals are incapacitated or unable to call for help themselves.

Other Features to help tell your story:
   • Continuous, Real-Time Vital-Sign Analysis
   • GPS & Locational Analysis
   • SOS Beacon with Instant Emergency Verification
   • Personal Fall Detection
   • Personal Crash Detection
   • ‘Danger Zone’ Heat Mapping
   • Automated & Configurable Hourly Check-In

   + advanced
'à-la-carte' features to fit your unique needs!

How does my-eforce protect user-Privacy?

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What we DON'T DO with your personal information is as vital as what we do, as we will never share your personal information or health data with anyone!

Our platform champions forward-thinking user privacy, allowing individuals to have full control over their individual settings. This approach fosters a secure & trustworthy environment, backed by patent-pending privacy controls that set our system apart for its credibility & compliance.

Users can control their visibility and safety within the app, ensuring they feel secure and confident.

Does my-eforce work in any role & any industry?

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Whether enhancing driver safety in transportation, connecting security guards to their GSOC, or safeguarding real-estate agents, my-eforce is adaptable across various sectors.

One of our mandates is, "nobody is left unprotected," meaning we're happy to explore alternative use cases that will help connect & protect any individual.

Designed to keep you safe without compromising Trust or Privacy.

my-eforce enhances culture and safety with one holistic solution.

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