Total protection.

my-eforce turns everyday smartwatches into a fully connected safety & security platform.

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Our Mission:

How it works



Our patent-pending system analyzes location & vital signs in real-time directly from the wrist.



Life-critical alerts & team check-ins are automated through the wearable.



Each user controls their own privacy settings, creating an ecosystem of safety, security & trust!


How does my-eforce alert team leader's to life-critical events?

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Our automated biometric alerting system was developed with a world-renowned cardiac specialist & are set to each individual based on their unique physiological traits.

Disruptions to individual vital-signs populate alerts - crucial when your people are unable to reach out themselves.

How does my-eforce protect user-Privacy?

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The my-eforce system utilizes a number of patent-pending privacy controls that makes our ecosystem unique, credible & compliant.

Each user controls their own privacy, choosing to be visible by toggling features through the app, ensuring their safety, & their trust, is in tact.

Does my-eforce work in any role & any industry?

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We work with organizations in Security, Law Enforcement, Retail, Real-Estate, Banking, Energy & Transportation, & are always looking for new ways to connect & protect more individuals.

Learn how connecting & protecting your assets will  impact your business!

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